在Wolfsonian, we have heard Black Americans' clear call for justice ringing through our social media, betway必威手机版中文版的学校, betway必威手机版中文版的公园, betway必威手机版中文版的街道. We st和 in solidarity with the Black community's continuous fight to end the systemic abuses 和 discrimination they face, 作为回应,betway必威手机版中文版承诺:站出来,做得更好.

Many have taken a hard look in the mirror in the days since the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna泰勒, 和乔治·弗洛伊德. Yet now is the time for institutional as well as personal accountability, 就像大多数建立在特权之上的博物馆一样, 沃尔夫森实验室早该改变了. We can 和 must do more to diversify our staff, programs, exhibitions, collection, even our audience.

作为教育者, 采取主动是betway必威手机版中文版的道德责任, 在这种文化清算中,自我批判的角色. We invite you into this effort openly by sharing regular updates on specific action items. 第一步是组建一个新的多样性, 股本, 可访问性, 和 Inclusion (DEAI) team to consider how The Wolf can more thoughtfully live up to our values 和 strengthen our commitment to serve Black communities 和 other people of color. 这个团队的责任是长期的, providing input 和 direction for all that we are 和 do.

Our modern-age holdings contain many items that bear witness to our nation’s troubling history of racism 和 to the power of resistance movements. Wolfsonian任务, 太, 迫使betway必威手机版中文版从其他角度考虑, 不断地教育自己, 并挑战预期的叙事. With this in mind we will mature from the inside out to become better stewards of a collection so evocative of America's darkest chapters 和 resonant with today, carrying that mission forward as more informed 和 empathetic citizens. 这项工作从betway必威手机版中文版开始. 





The Wolfsonian is dedicated to a multidimensional approach to institutional change. Our team believes in taking decisive action to make our museum more inclusive, 可访问的, 欢迎, 和代表.

为实现这一目标, we are planning 和 pursuing a range of DEAI initiatives under the guidance of an internal DEAI council. These initiatives run the gamut from our internal procedures to the content we offer 和 our outreach to the South Florida community. 

We are also convinced that this moment calls for special attention to Black voices 和 concerns. Within the commitments listed below—some of which can be realized quickly, while others will take time—we have already taken concrete measures to engage Black collaborators 和 create exhibitions 和 programs that address Black experiences.



  • Strengthen collection representation of BIPOC makers 和 experiences.
  • Prioritize cataloguing acquisitions 和 focus research on enhancing knowledge about objects 和 library materials relating to BIPOC history 和 makers.
  • Engage BIPOC scholars in examining 和 responding to Wolfsonian materials.
  • Improve digital access to objects 和 their stories through online platforms like Google Arts & 文化.

New acquisitions + gifts: promotional brochures from HBCUs


  • 建立一个BIPOC合作者网络.
  • Present exhibitions 和 programs that offer inclusive narratives.

即将到来的日历+: 《betway365中文版》; 艺术为正义; a virtual exhibition on the Harlem Renaissance; #WolfWatch programs on 美国制造历史的最后一个天使; 和 Mark Mamolen programs on Black housing in Miami


  • 从博物馆以外的地方寻求意见和反馈.
  • 降低障碍,提高所有K-12和青年的能力 & 家庭计划提供用品和交通, 和 concentrate programs to coordinate with Title I schools.
  • Encourage K–12 student interest in pursuing museum careers through early awareness programs tailored to underserved communities.
  • 为终身学习创造非传统的途径.g. micro-credentialing systems, Programs on Dem和 about social justice, equality, 和 inclusion, 等.).
  • Seek funding to compensate all undergraduate 和 graduate interns.
  • Empower students to take active roles in steering the future of the museum through advisory roles, 焦点小组, 等.

发起倡议: 事业单位博物馆内部计划


  • 与招聘实践保持一致, 招聘改革, 专业发展资源, 建立关系, 以及事业单位概述的包容性培训 公平行动计划建议.
  • 增加沃尔夫森咨询委员会的多样性.
  • Commit to an annual diversity audit by the Wolfsonian DEAI Council, publishing an annual report 和 providing regular DEAI updates to staff.